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Earlier this evening I was discussing "Ice Ice Baby" with one of my employees. She identified it as a 90s song; I said I thought it was from the 80s, and cited its presence on the 13 Going on 30 soundtrack (which I had been listening to earlier, which is how the subject came up) as proof, since all the other songs on that album are from the 80s. (I was wrong, which in retrospect I should have known, because I remember that it was popular when I was doing my student teaching in the fall of 1990.) (Also, there are four other songs on the CD that are not from the 80s, so my argument was really quite exceptionally poor.)

Anyway, as I was trying to prove that it was an 80s song, I opened the CD jewel case to check the copyright info. The date wasn't listed, but it did list the songwriters: Rob Van Winkle/Floyd Brown/John Deacon/Freddie Mercury/Brian Harold May/Roger Taylor/David Bowie/Mario Johnson. Which I found very interesting, because I clearly remember Vanilla Ice claiming back in the day that he had not ripped off that bass line from "Under Pressure." And yet, here we have Queen and David Bowie cited as co-writers of "Ice Ice Baby." Curious.


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