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Storm of the century

Every snowfall in the DC area is the same. First we get two to three days of panicky weather forecasts on all the TV and radio stations. Then we get the reports of people rushing to the grocery store to stock up on milk and toilet paper. Then the first flake falls, and every school district in a fifty mile radius immediately cancels classes for the next day. And once there's a micron of snow on the ground, people start to drive as if they've never, ever driven in or even seen snow before.

It's not like it never snows in DC. Sure, it's not exactly Buffalo, but neither is it, say, Orlando. This is my eleventh winter in the area, and there are always two to four non-trivial snowfalls. And yet the region still plunges into chaos every single time. I'm willing to admit that my perspective is somewhat skewed, having grown up in Chicago, but still. Just once I'd like to see it snow here without it being treated like the worst snowstorm in a thousand generations.

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