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Washington Held Hostage, Day 2

There are many things to be irritated about when it shows in the Washington area, but by far the most irritating this is that most of the jurisdictions don't plow the side streets. Or if they do, they do a half-assed job of it. When I left home this morning, the street on which I live had received one light swipe from a plow. That was enough to smooth and pack the snow, but not to actually clear the snow away. The major roads were perfectly clear though.

And as a Northern Virginian, I'm among the lucky ones. My co-workers all live in suburban Maryland, and their side streets have not been touched at all. That's not a surprise; my brother lived in Montgomery County for several years, and in the whole time he lived there, his street was never plowed. Which is ridiculous. Granted, the snow usually melts in a couple of days, but just waiting for it to melt is asinine. Nearly every area school district is closed today, and it's all because the county and state governments are unwilling to plow the snow away. Morons.

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