John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

New horizons in pronunciation

Recently heard on CNN: a story about the arrest of three men on suspicion of a possible planned terrorist attack on Michigan's Mackinac Bridge. The anchor pronounced it, "Mack-in-nack." No word on whether they were also planning to attack bridges in Arkan-sass or Illi-noise.

Incidentally, the Mackinac Bridge strikes me as an unlikely terrorist target. I can see the appeal of blowing up a bridge, but if it were me (note to Federal officials: it is not me) I might target a higher profile or more iconic bridge like, say, the Golden Gate, or even the New River Gorge Bridge, which was recently featured on the obverse of the West Virginia quarter. I suppose the Mackinac is a better target than, say, the Savanna-Sabula Bridge (my least favorite Mississippi River crossing), if only because from an engineering standpoint it might be easier to destroy a suspension bridge than certain other types of bridges, but still, to my way of thinking it doesn't hold much symbolic resonance outside of Michigan and perhaps the Midwest in general, and it seems to me that symbolism is what terrorist attacks are all about Of course, how much symbolic resonance did the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building have?

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