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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 5

Ten musical compositions commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra:

  1. Igor Stravinsky, Symphony of Psalms (commissioned for the 50th anniversary of the BSO)
  2. David Lang, International Business Machine (for 50th anniversary of the Tanglewood Music Center)
  3. Kevin Kaska, BSO 2000 Fanfare (for the BSO's Campaign 2000 fundraising drive)
  4. Peter Lieberson, Piano Concerto (for the 100th anniversary of the BSO)
  5. Elliott Carter, Three Illusions (for the 125th anniversary of the BSO)
  6. John Corigliano, Symphony no. 2 (for the 100th anniversary of Boston Symphony Hall)
  7. Michael Colgrass, Crossworlds (for flutist Marina Piccinini and pianist Andreas Haefliger)
  8. William Schuman, Let's Hear It for Lenny! (for Leonard Bernstein's 70th birthday)
  9. Henri Dutilleux, Symphony No. 2, "Le Double" (for the 75th anniversary of the BSO)
  10. Charles Wuorinen, Fourth Piano Concerto (for James Levine's first season as Music Director)

Today's list is for mrghoul, who wanted to see Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms mentioned in a list. I have not had the pleasure of performing that particular work; perhaps someday in the future, if I ever decide to hook up with the Cathedral Choral Society again.


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