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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 7

Ten tartans:

  1. Greig 2820

  2. MacIntosh Ancient Artifact Tartan WR966

  3. Turnbull hunting 1714

  4. Aviemore Check District Tartan WR912

  5. Highlands Country Club Corporate Tartan WR687

  6. New Mexico WR2522

  7. United Colours of Scotland 3029

  8. Barbour Corporate Tartan WR2489

  9. Ibrox District 2724

  10. Over Mountain Commemorative Tartan WR2448


Today's list comes at the request of rustydog, who asked for tartans. And tartans she shall have! The names and numbers above each tartan come from Tartans of Scotland, which claims to be the definitive guide to tartans on the web. But I have my doubts, because their register of tartans fails to show this one:

Clan McDuck

How they can possibly justify excluding the tartan of Clan McDuck?


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