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A Brush With Fame

Every year, my company throws a Christmas party for the children of the employees. Not having any children of my own, I borrowed my brother's. It was a good party: pizza, arts and craft, a piñata, and of course a visit from Santa. Everyone got a present: my older niece got an arts and crafts kit; the younger niece got a Three Little Pigs storybook/playset; and my nephew got a Toys R Us gift card. Fun!

While I had the kids, my brother and his wife went to a party for grown-ups. After my party ended, I drove over to the home where their party was being held to perform a complicated car swap: my brother would take my car and go to a thing at his church, while I would take his and drive the kids and my sister-in-law back home. Once I got there, I parked the car and ran up to the house to let them know we'd arrived. Three other people were approaching the house as I arrived, a couple and another man. As we waited on the front step to be let in, one of the gentlemen introduced himself and his wife to me, then turned and said hello to David Broderthe other man, whom he apparently knew. I pivoted to look at the other man, who extended his hand to me and introduced himself.

"Hi," he said, "I'm David Broder."

Well, duh. I shook his hand and said, "Mr. Broder. I'm John Heaton." That was the extent of the conversation; immediately afterward, the door opened and we all went inside.

This was the second least necessary introduction in my personal history, the first being when former Senator Paul Simon introduced himself to me on a Senators Only elevator he had invited me to share. Still, it's always nice when a famous person takes the time to introduce himself to a commoner like me.

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