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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 25

Ten works of outdoor sculpture I have seen in person:

  1. U.S. Marine Corps Memorial, Arlington, Va.
    US Marine Corps Memorial
  2. The Minute Man at Minute Man National Park, Concord, Mass.
    The Minute Man
  3. Liberty Enlightening the World in New York Harbor, New York
    Liberty Enlightening the World
  4. Statue of Billy Payne at Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, Ga.
    Billy Payne
  5. The Chicago Picasso in Daley Plaza, Chicago
    Chicago Picasso
  6. Statue of Albert Einstein at the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C.
    Albert Einstein
  7. Statue of Strom Thurmond at the South Carolina state capitol, Columbia, S.C.
    Strom Thurmond
  8. Bust of James Dean at Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles
    James Dean
  9. Mississippi State Monument at Gettysburg National Battlefield Park, Gettysburg, Penn.
    Mississippi State Monument
  10. Tree of Five Seasons, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Tree of Five Seasons

This list is for georgevna, who wanted to see the Chicago Picasso in a list. I decided she meant it literally, making this the second time this year I've posted picture of this particular sculpture in my journal. The hyperlinks will take you to larger versions of the photos posted here; if you can look at just one of them, I strongly urge you to look at the Mississippi State Monument, which, in the true spirit of post-Civil War comity, shows a proud Mississippian beating a Union soldier to death with the butt of his rifle. No, really.


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