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There is something deeply disconcerting about Oklahoma playing in the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl is not supposed to host any teams but the conference champions of the Big Ten and the Pac-10. I grudgingly accept that every four years the Rose Bowl will host the national championship game, and that in such years there may be neither a Big Ten or a Pac-10 team playing for the "title." That's what happened last year, and that was fine. And I understand that when the Big Ten or Pac-10 champion is playing for the title, they have to play in the bowl that's hosting the championship, so it's no big deal that Ohio State is playing in the Fiesta Bowl this year.

What's galling about this year is that there is a Big Ten/Pac-10 matchup ... but it's in the wrong game! Iowa and USC will face off in the Orange Bowl, of all places. That's just not right. The Rose Bowl should always be given right of first refusal to host any Big Ten and Pac-10 team that finishes high enough in the BCS rankings to earn an invitation to one of the Big Four bowl games.

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