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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 41

Ten comic book boyfriends or girlfriends:

  1. Jenny Weaver (girlfriend of Zachary T. Paleozogt, from Scott McCloud's Zot! comics)
  2. Damon Matthews (boyfriend of the DC Comics character Obsidian)
  3. Ramona Flowers (girlfriend of Scott Pilgrim, from Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim comics)
  4. Gloria Glad (girlfriend of the Harvey Comics character Richie Rich)
  5. Dick Malverne (boyfriend of the DC Comics character Supergirl in her identity of Linda Danvers)
  6. Karon (girlfriend of the DC Comics character Holly Robinson, a.k.a. Catwoman II)
  7. Gilgamesh Wulfenbach (boyfriend of Agatha Clay, from Phil and Kaja Folio's Girl Genius)
  8. Beverly Switzler (girlfriend of the Marvel Comics character Howard the Duck)
  9. Clicker (boyfriend of the Marvel Comics character Millie the Model)
  10. Harvey Kinkle (Boyfriend of the Archie Comics character Sabrina Spellman)

Today's list is for fizzball, who wanted to see Beverly Switzler mentioned in a list. Hope this hits the spot, because man, it was a pain to compose.


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