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Ten random things: November 17

Ten crossword puns, with clues:

  1. TRENT LATKE ("Pancake-eating Senator in a deli?")
  2. CAVIAR EMPTOR ("Let the baby fish beware?")
  3. JAVA THE HUTT ("Coffee-loving Star Wars character?")
  4. LEON SPHINX ("Egyptian heavyweight?")
  5. BY THE BEAUTIFUL C ("Where to place DRAMATI- (1914)")
  6. MAXIMILIAN SHALE ("Brittle rock star?")
  7. I HATE TO RUSSIA ("'It's getting late!' abroad?")
  8. BIRTHDAY COD ("A gift of fish, in Massachusetts?")
  9. HOW DID YOU METER ("Question to a smitten cabby?")
  10. HAVARTI FIVE-O ("Cheesy TV cop show?")

These all come from puzzles featured in Will Shortz's Funniest Crossword Puzzles. The last one is my favorite.


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