John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

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Ten random things: November 21

The last ten songs I listened to:

  1. Don White, "Rascal"
  2. The Osborne Brothers, "Love and Wealth"
  3. Killen, Warner, Warner and Benson, "Strike The Bell"
  4. Bob Gramann, "Out of My Mind"
  5. Patsy Cline, "Crazy"
  6. Susie Glaze, "My Only Love"
  7. Memphis Minnie, "HooDoo Lady"
  8. Fetish Lane, "Ghostly Fleet (of the Outer Banks)"
  9. New Christy Minstrels, "Ramblin'"
  10. Claire Lynch, "Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring"

I'm listening to Hober today.


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