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Ten random things: November 29

Ten entries from the ABCs of Superfund, part of the Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund for Kids! website:

  1. R is for Remove: EPA helps remove pollution from your community.
  2. W is for Waste: Hazardous waste can hurt the environment.
  3. Q is for Quickly: Pollution needs to be cleaned up quickly.
  4. O is for Off Limits: Polluted sites are off limits to kids and grown-ups.
  5. J is for Junk: Junk clutters up the environment.
  6. M is for Mercury: Mercury is harmful to touch or eat.
  7. V is for Voice: Use your voice to speak up against pollution.
  8. A is for Air: EPA cleans up the water we drink and the air we breathe.
  9. H is for Hazardous: Toxic pollution can be hazardous to our health.
  10. B is for Bulldozer: Bulldozers remove polluted dirt.

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