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One down...

... five to go.

Today was the second annual Cathedral Choral Society Joy of Christmas Young People's Concert. It's basically a stripped down version of our regular Christmas program performed for students from various DC area schools. We performed four of the eleven pieces we're doing at our concerts on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. There was also an organ solo, and a couple of numbers by the Washington Symphonic Brass. And the cathedral carilloneur played as the students were being seated and as they left.

The concert went pretty well. Our only notable weak spot was a piece called Alleluia, by Charles Callahan. It wasn't bad, but it was a little shaky in spots. We only got the music a couple of weeks ago, and there are some tricky bits that we'll have to woodshed a bit at tonight's rehearsal. There are some other pieces that need work too. But I'm confident we'll be ready for the concert tomorrow.

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