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Ten random things: January 10

Ten fictional U.S. Presidents:

  1. President Lawrence Ivor Randolph (in the movie The Brady Bunch in the White House)
  2. Acting President Glen Allen Walken (in the television series The West Wing))
  3. President A. Thorton Osgood II (in the movie Mail to the Chief)
  4. President Timothy Garde Macauley (in the novel From the Files of the Time Rangers)
  5. President Margaret Valentine (in the comic book Y: The Last Man)
  6. President William Abbott (in the novel Advise and Consent)
  7. President Dewey Haik (in the novel It Can't Happen Here)
  8. President Robert Baker (in the movie The Peacekeeper)
  9. President Elaine Sallinger (in the novel Better Than Life)
  10. President Ransom W. Gardner (in the novel Promises to Keep)
I think I've done a list like this before, but I don't feel like looking it up right now. Speaking of Glen Allen Walken, I recently read a Buffy/West Wing crossover fic that takes place during Walken's tenure as President. See, it turns out Zoey was kidnapped not by terrorists, but by vampires, and that a member of the White House staff was a newly activated Slayer. Kind of goofy, and it had a little bit too much Will in it (I never liked that guy), but all in all not a bad little fic.

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