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Joy of Christmas, part III

The final Joy of Christmas concert was a real mized bag. The first half was, in my opinion, incredibly weak. Tentative entrances, sloppy cut-offs, singers ahead of or behind the beat ... it wasn't pretty. For my own part, I was thrown off balance because there were no tenors behind me, and only one tenor beside me. On previous nights, I had tenors on either side and two more behind me. That makes a big difference. I'm a reasonably good singer, but I'm much better when I'm surrounded by people who are better than me.

Luckily, we managed to shake off whatever affected our performance in the first half in time for the second. Angel Fire and A Child My Choice were stronger Monday than they had been Sunday, and we sang Hodie better than we'd ever done it. Yay!

Thus ended our Christmas concerts. I think they went pretty well, considering our preparation time was reduced by a third thanks to having to spend part of each rehearsal working on Messiah. And whatever flaws I noticed were aparently not picked up on by the audience, nor by the reporter who reviewed the concert in yesterday's Washington Post.

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