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Poet's Corner: from More Opposites

From More Opposites

What is the opposite of pillow?
The answer, child, is armadillo.
"Oh, don't talk nonsense," you protest.
However, if you tried to rest
Your head upon the creature, you
Would find that what I say is true.
It isn't soft. From head to tail
It wears a scratchy coat of mail.
And furthermore, it won't stay still
Upon a bed, as pillows will,
But squirms, and jumps at every chance
To run away and eat some ants.

So there! Admit that I was right,
Or else we'll have a pillow fight.

Richard Wilbur (born 1921)

I don't know how this poem escaped my attention for so long. I may well be the greatest poem ever written! About armadillos.

Tags: armadillos, poet's corner

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