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Award season II

Hey, speaking of awards:

  • No real surprises among the acting nominees. I thought DiCaprio would be nominated for The Departed rather than for Blood Diamond, but it's all good. And I was expecting to see Jack Nicholson earn his thirteenth Oscar nomination, but at the same time I can't say I was surprised by any of the people who were nominated for Best Supporting Actor. I would say that the most notable thing about the nominees this year is how diverse they are. Let's see, we've got five black actors, two Hispanic, and one Asian. That's reasonably impressive.
  • I see that none of the Best Picture nominees were nominated for Best Cinematography. That strikes me as unusual, though I haven't researched it.
  • I think this may finally be Scorcese's year. Looking over the list of nominees, I don't see anyone more likely. Maybe Eastwood, simply for having directed two features this year, but with him having won so recently -- over Scorcese, no less -- I think it's unlikely. That said, the Academy has seemed somewhat less prone to sentimental votes recently than in years past; just ask Lauren Bacall.
  • The eight nominations for Dreamgirls seems less impressive when you realize three of them are for Best Song. It's interesting that the three nominated songs all have different lyricists, none of whom wrote the lyrics for the original musical.
  • Is this the first time a documentary has been nominated in the Best Song category? Seems likely. It's pretty rare for a documentary to be nominated in any category other than Best Documentary. Last time I remember it happening was when Hoop Dreams was nominated for Best Editing, but I may be overlooking something.
  • I wonder if the Leslie Iwerks nominated for Best Documentary Short Subject is related to legendary animator Ub Iwerks? Hmmm, let's see... the answer is yes: she is his grand-daughter. If she wins, she'll be a third-generation Oscar recipient. Ub won an Academy Award of Merit for his role in the development of Color Traveling Matte Composite Cinematography in 1965, and her father Don won the Gordon E. Sawyer Award in 1998.
  • OK, I understand that the character Borat was created for Da Ali G Show, but I'm not convinced that automatically makes Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan a movie with a screenplay based on material previously produced or published. What exactly does "material" mean? I don't really understand why an original movie featuring Borat is less an original screenplay than one based on true life events, like The Queen. Oh well.

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