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Shortly after I posted my comments about the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and its stupid foreign ass, they finally got around to uploading the 2003 Golden Globe nominees to their web site. Thus is my influence in Hollywood demonstrated.

In the TV nominations, I see that once again Buffy the Vampire Slayer was cruelly overlooked. Damn it! It should have been nominated in place of The West Wing, or maybe The Shield, which I've never seen but which I've been told has little going for it aside from Michael Chiklis's performance. What's really hard to believe that James Marsters couldn't muster a nod for Supporting Actor, given that there are a whopping nine nominees in that category. What, you couldn't squeeze in a tenth?

The other notable thing about the Television Series - Drama category is that three of the five nominees are broadcast on cable only. Cable productions have dominated the Mini-series or Motion Picture Made for Television category for years, but I believe this is the first time that's happen in the Drama category.

The broadcast networks maintained their superiority in the Television Series - Comedy category, taking three of the five noms. And they should have taken a fourth, since Sex and the City continues to be the most wildly overrated series on TV. how they can justify nominating a piece of crap like Sex and the City over Scrubs or Andy Richter Controls the Universe or Futurama is beyond me.

Speaking of comedies, it's nice to see Matt LeBlanc recognized for his work on Friends. He and Jennifer Aniston (also nominated) have been carrying that show by themselves for the past two seasons. And speaking of snubbed comedies, how the hell did John C. McGinley not get a Supporting Actor nomination for Scrubs. He's never been anything less than brilliant.

OK, moving on before I have a conniption fit and die. In the Motion Picture categories, the most notable curiosity is that one of the screenplay nods seems to have gone to someone who doesn't exist, i.e. "Donald Kaufman," the fictional brother of Charlie Kaufman. Other items of note:

  • Miramax and New Line combined to win four of the five Motion Picture - Drama nominations, but just one of the Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical nods.

  • The was only one studio film among the Best Picture nominees: The Hours, which was actually a co-production of Paramount and Miramax.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated in the Actor - Drama category for Catch Me If You Can, but I thought CMIYC was a comedy. The trailer makes it look like a comedy, at any rate. But slotting him into the drama category frees up a space in the Actor - Comedy category for the most respected actor of this or any generation, Adam Sandler.

  • Rob Marshall was nominated as Best Director for his first film (Chicago).


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