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Ten random things: January 30

Ten distinguished alumni of Upper Darby High School (Drexel Hill, Pa.):

  1. Dr. Jack Ramsay, '42 (coached Portland Trailbazers to the NBA Championship in 1977)
  2. Carolyn "Bunny" Welsh, '61 (Sheriff of Chester County, Pa.)
  3. Dr. David MacAdam, '28 (discovered MacAdam ellipses, an important concept in color science)
  4. Dr. Sterling Voltz, '39 (former supervising engineer of the Missile and Space Division of General Electric; holds 23 US and foreign patents)
  5. Lloyd Alexander, '40 (Newbery Award-winning author)
  6. James D. Houston, '77 (Received an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Scientific and Engineering Award for developing the Computer Aided Production System for feature film animation)
  7. Richard M. Boccelli, '42 (original drummer (as Dick Richards) of Bill Haley and the Comets)
  8. Marty Stern, '54 (coached Villanova University track and field teams to 19 individual and 5 relay NCAA championships)
  9. Dr. Kermit Gordon, '33 (Director of the Office of Management and Budget under Presidents Kennedy Johnson; President of the Brookings Institution)
  10. Tina Fey, '88 (Emmy Award-winning writer; creator and star of 30 Rock)

Computer problems prevented me from posting a list of ten things yesterday, which is probably just as well because the one I had planned kind of sucked. Not that this one is going into the Hall of Fame, but I think it's kind of interesting. My alma mater has just as many distinguished alums (and maybe more if we counted county sheriffs and patent holders and such like) but we don't have a snazzy "wall of fame" like Upper Darby, so the world will never know. Alas. UDHS does have three rock stars among their alums, though (the aforementioned Dick Richards, Todd Rundgren, and Jim Croce), which is pretty cool.

Today is Lloyd Alexander's birthday, by the way.


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