John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

As I was driving to church yesterday morning, I saw up ahead of me some animals grazing in a field at the side of the road. That in itself is not unusual; my church is in a very rural area, and I frequently see cows and horses in the fields. But as I got closer, I could see that they were definitely not cows, and they didn't really look much like horses ... they looked like llamas. Odd.

On the way home after church, I saw them again, so I slowed to take a closer look. They were, in fact, llamas. Now, there are several llama farms in the county in which I live, but none near my church. Until now, I guess.

I could see a car approaching in my rear-view mirror, so I sped up. But then I saw that car slowing down, presumably to look at the llamas. I guess that seeing llamas at the side of the road is sufficently unusual to compel people to stop and look at them.


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