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Bury me at Makeout Creek

My plan to perform a quick-and-dirty repair job on my broken glasses, already hampered by my lack of Super Glue, has been further complicated by my lack of the lens. I think it fell out when I fell asleep on the subway. (Petula Clark was right!) It's probably lying on the floor of the train right now, next to my umbrella.

Luckily, the lens I lost was the lens for my good eye. Or, more precisely, my less bad one. My left eye has always needed a powerful prescription, but until a few years ago, the right lens was just plain glass. But recently I developed myopia in the right eye to complement the amblyopia in the left. Or is it farsightedness? I don't know. Whatever it is, it's pretty mild, so my vision is really not at all hampered by not having the corrective lens over that eye.

I have an eye appointment this afternoon, and I should have new glasses before the end of the day. Fun!

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