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Boy, you fans of comic book redheads are a feisty bunch. Let me explain how I chose the redheads who appeared on my earlier list. It all started when I read this blog post, which expressed some hope that the person whose funeral is depicted on the cover of the forthcoming Teen Titans #47 might be Lilith, a fairly obscure former member. Unfortunately, Lilith is already quite dead, having been killed in the pages of Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #2.

So Lilith was on my mind when I starting thinking about a topic for today's list of ten things, and when the phrase "comic book redheads" came to mind, Lilith was naturally the first person I put on the list, followed closely by Archie Andrews, Richie Rich's pal, Freckles, and Spider-Man's wife, Mary Jane Watson-Parker. At that point, I decided that in the interest of representing as many different comics publishers as possible, I would limit mysef to two characters each from DC and Marvel, one male and one female. That's why Jimmy Olsen and Daredevil made the cut while Jean Grey, Lana Lang, Babara Gordon, and Delirium of the Endless. Sorry, but thems the breaks. If my list is unsatisfactory, I would refer you to Redhead Fangirl's overview of the top 15 redheads in comics (skip to the bottom of that page and read up to read the list in reverse order, as it was originally presented). Well, except for you, zengoalie. Delirium isn't in that list either.

By the way, there's something that's always bugged me about Lilith's death. Lilith was one of the most realistically attractive women ever to appear in a comic book, as can be seen in most of the illustrations on her Titans Tower profile page. Most of her appearances were drawn by artists who really knew how to draw pretty girls: Nick Cardy, George Perez, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Dan Jurgens... if nothing else, an appearance by Lilith was a treat for the eyes. That is, until she was killed off, when Ale Garza drew her looking barely human (said death scene is also on the profile page, about 2/5 of the way down the page on the right). Granted, she was in the midst of being throttled to death by an out-of-control Superman robot, but still, it was an ignominious end.

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