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First thoughts on Bridge to Terabithia

Well, I saw Bridge to Terabithia yesterday, and I didn't hate it, so it passes the NIMH test. I have more to say about it, but I don't have enough time to write them up right now. But I do have time to say this. I've been consciously avoiding ads and reviews of Bridge, because I wanted to go into it without any preconceptions. I had heard a few rumblings online about how the ads were perhaps misrepresenting the film to some degree, but I was in no position to jude, because I'd not seen them. But last night I was watching the nieces -- actually, I'm still watching them -- and during a Sabrina the Teenage Witch marathon -- the things I do for these kids! -- I had the opportunity to see some of the commercials.

And holy crap, those are the most misleading ads I've ever seen, and I've been seeing ads for thirty-plus years now. I'm glad I didn't see them first, I would have been apoplectic with rage.

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