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Ten random poems: March 3

Ten haiku by Kobayashi Issa:

  1. even the tree by the gate
    in good health...
    evening cool
  2. when will we meet again?
    I'm off to the will-o'-the-wisps
    in the far mist
  3. how irritating!
    the wild geese freely
    call their friends
  4. lying down
    with a visiting butterfly...
    outer hot spring
  5. all in a row
    on tatami mats...
    moon gazing
  6. why did the blooming
    pink break?
  7. the closer I get
    to my village, the more pain...
    wild roses
  8. well here it is
    my final home?
    five feet of snow
  9. big chrysanthemum—
    a never-say-die
  10. this world
    is a dewdrop world
    yes... but...

Why ten poems today? Because this is the third anniversary of my first list of ten random things! Hard to believe that something I started on a whim has lasted so long. Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting on them.

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