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I'm done with all my holiday concerts!

This morning, my church choir performed selections from Vivaldi's Gloria. As major choral works are concerned, Gloria is one of the easier ones, but performing any part of it represents quite an accomplishment for a choir like ours, which is rather small and contains many members who don't read music.

And we performed it quite well, if I do say so myself. Most members of the choir really knocked themselves out preparing it, committing to longer and more frequent rehearsals, and stretching their talents in new directions. And when I say "most," what I mean is "everyone but me." I ended up skipping all but one of the extra rehearsals, not to mention the last two regularly-scheduled Wednesday rehearsals in favor of CCS rehearsals (and, in one case, in favor of babysitting my nieces and nephew). But like I said, it's a relatively easy work, so I was able to slide by on my natural abilities.

In addition to Gloria, I sang a recitative from Messiah ("Comfort Ye, My People") as the offertory. It went well, but I think it would have benefited from one extra rehearsal. But it was fine. No one aside from the director seemed to notice the part where I sang the wrong note, and the other part where I messed up the rhythm.

After the service, I spent a few minutes in the fellowship hall basking in compliments before jumping in the car and hieing myself to the Kennedy Center for the second half of the fourth Cathedral Choral Society Messiah performance. I had originally planned to skip the Sunday performance: it started at 1 PM, which necessitated a 12:15 PM call; my church service ended at noon; and the church is fifty minutes away from the Kennedy Center on the best of days. But then the chorus administrator announced that we were short-handed for the Sunday performance, and suggested that even if we had church commitments that would make it impossible to make the 12:15 call, we could show up later and sing just the second half.

Well, I am nothing if not a soft touch. I made near-record time down to the Kennedy Center, and when the curtain went up on the second half, there I was, third row center. And I must say, it was totally worth it. I sang better in this performance than in either of the other two.

So now I'm done! Except for the church choir rehearsal tomorrow, and the two services on Christmas Eve. But then I'm really done until next year, when things will hopefully be somewhat less hectic.

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