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Ten random things: March 15

Ten other people who died on the Ides of March:

  1. Salvator Rosa (Italian painter and poet, 1673)
  2. Henry Bessemer (English metallurgist, 1898)
  3. Abe Saperstein (American basketball executive, 1966)
  4. Farzad Bazoft (Iranian-born journalist, 1990)
  5. Dame Thora Hird (British actress, 2003)
  6. Bowie Kuhn (American Commissioner of Baseball, 2007)
  7. Jean Renaud de Segrais (French writer, 1701)
  8. Jalaleddin Ali Mir Abolfazl Angha (39th master of Oveyssi Sufi order, 1914)
  9. Tarjei Vesaas (Norwegian writer, 1970)
  10. Sir William Pickering (New Zealand-born space scientist, 2003)

Hey, how's that for an up-to-date list?


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