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Music Monday

Earlier today I was reading swsa's post about embarassing songs in her music library, and I got to wondering whether I could do a similar list. "Well," I thought to myself, "there's the Shaun Cassidy song..."

Shaun Cassidy - Hey Deanie (MP3, 3.3Mb)

Back in her pre-teen days, my sister was a huge Shaun Cassidy fan (like pretty much every other pre-teen girl of that era), and I know we owned both his debut album and his follow-up, Born Late, from which this recording comes. We may even have had his poorly received third album, Under Wrap, though I wouldn't swear to it. And while I never wore a t-shirt with his face on it, or hung his picture on my bedroom wall, I did like his music. This one stuck with me over the years, for some reason. Doesn't hurt that it was written by Eric Carmen, I suppose.

Incidentally, I did browse through my library for similarly embarassing material, and while I can't say I'm proud of having, say, "Ice Ice Baby" taking up space on my computer, most of them I sort of acquired by accident, on soundtracks or mixes from friends, so I don't think they count. "Hey Deanie," though, I went out and looked for, which is a ballgame of another color, as Buddy Fidler would say.


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