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Ten random things: April 5

Ten performances by Frank Gorshin:

  1. The voice of the Reverend Jack Cheese in the The Ren and Stimpy Show episode "Reverend Jack Cheese," 1996
  2. Mel Edison in the Parker Playhouse production of Prisoner of Second Avenue, 1973
  3. Andreas Capodistriou in the Broadway production of Whodunnit, 1982-83
  4. Seton Kellogg in the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century episode "The Plot to Kill a City," 1979
  5. Kenny Killarney in the movie Studs Lonigan, 1960
  6. George Burns in the Broadway production of Say Goodnight Gracie, 2002-3
  7. Joe Gruen in the movie Invasion of the Saucer Men, 1957
  8. Bele in the Star Trek episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield," 1969
  9. The voice of Lysander in the video game Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, 2001
  10. The Riddler in multiple episodes of the television series Batman, 1966-67

Frank Gorshin was born on this date in 1933. The most surprising thing I discovered about Gorshin's career was that despite dozens of guest appearances, he apparently never once appeared on either The Love Boat or Fantasy Island. Hard to believe.


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