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06 April 2007 @ 09:25 pm
Quick work update  

RS is still employed. Next week, our Regional Vice-President and some people from the Loss Prevention office will be visiting. I was talking about it with the other managers today -- minus RS, of course -- and we identified the four most likely scenarios once LP appears on the scene:

  1. RS is terminated after LP interviews him extensively and uncovers significant inconsistencies in his story.
  2. RS is terminated not for theft, but because he's the GM and is ultimately responsible for making sure the proper deposit procedures are being followed, since said procedures would have prevented the deposit from going missing in the first place.
  3. RS will be severely repremanded but not terminated for this specific incident, but will shortly theafter be terminated by the DM for some other infraction, like, say, failing to work the required number of hours in a given week, which is something he fails to do rather routinely.
  4. RS will be severely repremanded for failing to ensure proper procedures were being followed, and busted back to an associate.

Options one or two seem the most likely. Given the amount of money involved and the fact that it will very likely never be seen again -- assuming RS did take it, he probably would have replaced the money had it not been discovered missing, but now that he's disclamed any knowledge of what happened to it, that option is sort of closed to him -- I don't think LP would want to set a precedent by not coming down hard on the person whose job it was to make sure procedures designed to prevent this very thing from hapening were being followed. That RS is both that person and the person most likely to have taken the money in the first place is a fortuitous coincidence. Three is possible, but see above. And while I've known of at least one GMs who was busted back to associate, it wasn't over an LP issue. Time will tell.

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