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Ten random things: April 10 (belated)

You know, I totally intended to post a list from work yesterday, but it was crazybusy and I never got a chance to sit down long enough to put one together. Here's what I probably would have posted had I gotten around to it.

Ten Nancy Drew mysteries:

  1. Case Of The Creative Crime (Nancy Drew Mysteries, 2002)
  2. The Best Detective (Nancy Drew Notebooks, 1995)
  3. The Thirteenth Pearl (Nancy Drew Mysteries, 1979)
  4. Mystery Train (Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys SuperMystery, 1990)
  5. The Mystery at the Ski Jump (Nancy Drew Mysteries, 1952)
  6. Two Points to Murder (Nancy Drew Files, 1991)
  7. Nancy's Mysterious Letter (Nancy Drew Mysteries, 1932)
  8. Lights, Camera... Cats! (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew, 2007)
  9. Keeping Secrets (Nancy Drew on Campus, 1997)
  10. The Alaskan Mystery (Nancy Drew Be a Detective Mystery Stories, 1985)

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