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Ten random things: April 24

Ten references to other movies in Spike Lee's director's commentary for Inside Man:

  1. Advised viewers not to mention The Sound of Music when meeting Christopher Plummer
  2. Compared a crane shot showing the hostages lying facedown on the street outside the bank to the scene in Gone with the Wind showing injured soldiers lying on the ground outside Tara
  3. Revealed that the song playing over the opening and closing credits originally appeared in the Indian film Dil Se
  4. Pointed out that the pizzas delivered to the bank came from Sal's, the pizzeria featured in Do the Right Thing
  5. Said that in a certain scene he used the same lens that Spielberg did in the D-Day sequence of Saving Private Ryan
  6. Mentioned that the actors portraying a certain female hostage and a cop carrying pizzas to the door of the bank had played, respectively, a hostage and a pizza delivery boy in Dog Day Afternoon
  7. Commented on a scene in which Clive Owen calls Denzel Washington "Serpico"
  8. Listed Mo' Better Blues among the films on which he and Washington had previously worked
  9. Observed that a scene of police officers shining flashlights through a think cloud of smoke reminded him of the scene in E.T. in which government agents are shining their flashlights through the fog looking for the alien
  10. Jokingly claimed that a shot in which only the calfs and feet of a hostage are visible was a deliberate attempt to duplicate the way the Wicked Witch of the East's feet stuck out from under Dorothy's house in The Wizard of Oz

I'd never listened to a Spike Lee commentary track before Inside Man, and I have to admit that it was a little wierd hearing Spike Lee talk about movies like Gone With the Wind and Saving Private Ryan. Which is silly, because he's an acomplished director and teaches film at NYU and Columbia, so of course he'd be very familiar with the classics, and with the techniques used by his contemporaries. But his image as an outsider is so strong that it still seemed a little odd to me.

Inside Man was very entertaining, by the way. Definitely worth renting if you haven't already seen it.


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