John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

This is the final struggle

Greetings, comrades! Please join me in my annual May Day salute to the workers of the world. Cast off your shackles and take up the hammer and sickle in glorious revolution against the bourgeoisie, as demonstrated in the picture below:

Servile mases, arise!

And to further put you in the mood, here's the Russian Red Army Chorus performing "The Internationale." If you want to sing along, you can find the lyrics on Wikipedia.

Of course, I myself am perfectly happy with my relationship with the bourgeoisie, in no small part because of the very nice fourth quarter bonus I found added to my paycheck last week, so I'll be celebrating Loyalty Day instead. But if you feel differently, by all means feel free to exercise your rights as a member of the proletariat.

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