John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Travel meme, take two

I've come up with some tourist destinations that I think probably should have been included on that list that makes up the travel meme that's going around:

  1. Epcot
  2. Disney-MGM Studios
  3. Disney's Animal Kingdom

    For some reason, the original list included only the Magic Kingdom. But the three parks listed above had estimated attendances of 10.5 million, 9.1 million, and 8.9 million in 2006, so they should have been on the list too. Of course, the more sensible thing to do would be to just list Walt Disney World as a whole, as they did with the various monuments and (apparently) museums on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
  4. The Las Vegas Strip

    Las Vegas attracts 65 million visitors a year. I don't know how many of those visitors spent any time on the strip, but I'll bet a huge number of them did.
  5. Grant Park, Chicago

    If we're counting visitors to the Smithsonian museums as visitors to the National Mall, then we certainly must count visitors to the Art Institute of Chicago, the Field Museum, the Adler Planetarium, the Shedd Aquarium, and Soldier Field among the visitors to Grant Park. Add to those the people who go to the park for Taste of Chicago, the Independence Day fireworks, the Jazz and Blues Festivals, and Lollapalooza, and I'm sure you've got enough people to knock the Taj Mahal off the list.
  6. Lincoln Park, Chicago

    The Lincoln Park Zoo attracts in excess of 4 million visitors a year. There's also a golf course, a couple of museums, a theater, and the usual assortment of recreational facilities you normally find in parks, only a lot more of them because the place is so damn big.
  7. Balboa Park, San Diego

    Balboa Park is home to several museums, not to mention the San Diego Zoo, which by itself attracts 3.2 million visitors a year.
  8. Central Park, New York

    Annual attendance at Central Park is estimated at 25 million. That may or may not include the 4.5 million people who (according to the meme) visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is located on park grounds, or the 18 people who, according to the Census Bureau, live in the park.

And there are probably a dozen more urban parks here in the U.S. that I could mention as well, to say nothing of those overseas. Does anyone know where this list came from? I have many wonders about how it was compiled.


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