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A-memeing I will go

From astrablue:

1) Comment and ask to be tagged!
2) I will pick THREE of your interests and/or user pics I find odd or nifty!
3) You post, explaining in detail about the three I chose!
4) People comment on your post!

She chose:

Dortmunder: John Dortmunder is the star of a series of comic crime novels by Donald E. Westlake. He is a burglar with a talent for planning, but his heists are frequently thrown off-track by unfortunate circumstances. His bad luck has led him to develop a deeply pessamistic outlook on life in general, even though most of his crimes are ultimately more successful than not and he's rarely caught by the authorities. All the Dortmunder novels are funny, but I'm particularly fond of The Hot Rock and Good Behavior.

angry raccoonangry raccoon: There really isn't a good explanation for this particular icon. It comes from a Mark Trail comic strip I saw featured at The Comics Curmudgeon. I think. I don't read Mark Trail, so the only time I ever see it is when it's featured on TCC, but when I went looking for the strip in the archives, I couldn't find it. Muy mysterioso. Nevertheless, it is taken from a Mark Trail strip, that much I'm certain of. And why did I make an icon out of it? I dunno, it just struck me as a funny picture.

Starbridge: Starbridge is a fictional Anglican diocese, loosely based on Salisbury, that is featured in a series of novels by Susan Howatch. They're remarkable books, in that they're both excellent works of fiction, featuring complex soap-opera style plots and richly detailed characterizations, and thoughful examinations of the theological underpinnings and twentieth century history of the Church of England. They're also deeply spiritual and pro-Christian without being preachy, which is a rare combination. My favorite is probably Absolute Truths, the last book in the series, but they're all quite good.

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