John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Sad news

I don't know how I missed the obit in Friday's Washington Post, but I've just learned that Newbery Award-winning author Lloyd Alexander passed away last week. Alexander is best known for writing the Chronicles of Prydain, a five-volume children's fantasy series based on Welsh mythology. I didn't read the Prydain books until I was in high school -- I was inspired to read seek them out after seeing the Disney animated film The Black Cauldron, which was sort of a loose adaptation of the first two Prydain books. I liked the movie -- one of the few -- but I loved the books and have re-read them many times. I've also read and enjoyed many of his other books, and will definitely be on the lookout for his last novel, The Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio, about which he said, "I have finished my life's work," when it's published in August.

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