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Ten random things: May 22

Ten Allies of World War II:

  1. Canada (joined September 10, 1939)
  2. Tannu Tuva (June 25, 1941)
  3. Nicaragua (December 8, 1941)
  4. Ethiopia (December 14, 1942)
  5. Romania (August 23, 1944)
  6. Uruguay (February 15, 1945)
  7. Mongolian People's Republic (August 9, 1945)
  8. France (September 3, 1939)
  9. Belgium (May 10, 1940)
  10. Soviet Union (June 22, 1941)

I see that Mongolia joined the war effort six days before the war ended, perhaps coincidentally on the same day a nuclear bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. As for Tannu Tuva, it failed to survive the war; it was annexed by the Soviet Union in 1944. Still, nice to have them on board while they were around.

Incidentally, today is the sixty-fifth anniversary of Mexico becoming one of the Allied nations. Go Mexico!


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