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Ten random things: June 4

Ten 2006-07 Illinois State High School Association champions:

  1. Wheaton-Warrenville South High School (boys football (class 8A), boys volleyball)
  2. Massac County High School (boys golf (class A), girls golf (class A))
  3. Maine South High School (chess)
  4. Elmwood High School (boys cross country (class A))
  5. Fenwick High School (boys water polo, girls basketball (class AA))
  6. Fremd High School (girls badminton, girls gymnastics)
  7. Wilmington High School (boys wrestling (class A))
  8. Rockford Lutheran High School (girls soccer (class A))
  9. Hinsdale Central High School (girls cross country (class AA), girls tennis)
  10. New Trier High School (boys soccer (class AA), boys swimming and diving, scholastic bowl (class AA))

Today's list comes at the suggestion of my dad, who told me last night that my high school alma mater Wheaton Warrenville South High School had won the 2007 IHSA boys volleyball tournament, their third title in four years and fourth in seven. They also won their fifth football championship this year. Go them.

And in the spirit of perpetuating high school rivalries, I'll point out that the more interesting thing about the class AA scholastic bowl championship was not that New Trier won the championship match, but that they beat our crosstown rival Wheaton North in doing so. Haw!


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