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Bad movies

I had the day off, so I saw Pirates 3 this afternoon. I wasn't sure until I got to the theater whether I'd be seeing that or Shrek 3; I had the same slight interest in seeing both, and since those two movies are currently occupying 10 of the 20 auditoriums at my local movie house, I figured that I'd just show up at the theater when it was convenient and not have to wait more than 15 minutes to see one or the other. As it happened, the shortest wait was for Pirates, so that's what I saw. It was not good. Verging on bad, in fact. There were a couple little moments I liked, so it wasn't a complete waste of time, but all in all I walked out of the theater feeling better about the two dollars I'd donated at the box office for diabetes research than about anything I'd seen on screen.

It helped a little bit that the movie was preceded by a trailer for Transformers, which would have made almost any movie look better by comparison. The only reason it didn't immediately kill any interest I had in seeing Transformers is that my interest was already at zero, but I've now lost some degree of respect for anyone associated with the movie, and, frankly, anyone who wants to see it. Sorry.

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