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One day, four months

One of the comic strips I read every day is the long-running serial Judge Parker, written and drawn by Woody Wilson and Eduardo Barreto. Here's the strip from February 5 of this year:

Judge Parker, 2007-02-05

And here's one from last Saturday:

Judge Parker, 2007-06-08

Yes, Judge Parker has taken four months to show the events of one day. Wait, make that the events of part of one day. Abbey and Neddy are in Paris right now, but Abbey's lover Sam and younger daughter Sophie are back at the horse farm in New York, and as of Sunday the focus switched to them. So not only is the day not over yet, by crossing the Atlantic they've added another four to six hours to the clock. And after Wilson and Barreto are done showing us Sam and Sophie's conversation, we'll probably check in on what's going on out in California, giving them three more hours to play with. That's probably good for another two months at least. Impressive.

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