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Ten random things: June 12

Ten Presidential children:

  1. Esther Cleveland (daughter of Grover Cleveland)
  2. Michael Gerald Ford (son of Gerald Ford)
  3. John Scott Harrison (son of William Henry Harrison)
  4. Helen Taft Merring (daugter of William Howard Taft)
  5. Kermit Roosevelt (son of Theodore Roosevelt)
  6. Margaret Woodrow Wilson (daughter of Woodrow Wilson)
  7. Patricia Nixon Cox (daughter of Richard Nixon)
  8. John Quincy Adams (son of John Adams)
  9. Chelsea Clinton (daughter of Bill Clinton)
  10. Lynda Bird Johnson Robb (daughter of Lyndon Johnson)

Random trivia about some of the above: Esther Cleveland was the first and to date only Presidential child born in the White House; John Scott Harrison is also a Presidental parent, having fathered Benjamin Harrison; Helen Merring is a Bryn Mawr grad; Margaret Wilson and I share a birthday; and today is Patricia Nixon Cox's 36th wedding anniversary.


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