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Ten random things: June 14

Ten nominees for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress:

  1. Joan Lorring (1945, The Corn is Green)
  2. Thelma Ritter (1959, Pillow Talk)
  3. Talia Shire (1974, The Godfather Part II)
  4. Mary McDonnell (1990, Dances with Wolves)
  5. Maria Ouspenskaya (1936, Dodsworth)
  6. Claire Trevor (1954, The High and the Mighty)
  7. Shelley Winters (1972, The Poseidon Adventure)
  8. Jessica Tandy (1991, Fried Green Tomatoes)
  9. Marjorie Rambeau (1940, Primrose Path)
  10. Una Merkel (1961, Summer and Smoke)

Earning an Academy Award nomination doesn't guarantee you immortality — when was the last time you thought about Maria Ouspenskaya? — but having a three-letter first name that starts with a vowel will, as any crossword puzzle enthusiast will tell you.


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