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Ten random things: June 18

Artificial satellites currently orbiting Earth:

  1. KazSat (communications satellite)
  2. Telstar 10 (communications satellite)
  3. Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite (research satellite)
  4. Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (solar observatory)
  5. XMM-Newton (X-ray observatory)
  6. Explorer 8 (ionospheric research satellite)
  7. Sinah-1 (reconnaissance satellite)
  8. Brasilsat B1 (communication satellite)
  9. IMAGE (magnetospheric research satellite)
  10. Ørsted (Earth observatory)

Explorer 8's mission was completed in 1960 or so, but it's still up there getting in the way. Damn you, Explorer 8!


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