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Ten random things: June 19

Ten insulting remarks made by Hugh Grant about Colin Firth in the DVD commentary of Love Actually:

  1. Director Richard Curtis: "This was a controversial piece of casting... what do you think about this guy, Hugh?"
    Grant: "Very bad."
  2. "He just looks a little... long in the fang."
  3. "Oh God, we're back to the boring bits." [At the start of a scene featuring Firth]
  4. "Oh, no." [Repeated at various times when Firth appears]
  5. "She's fabulous, this girl, she's my favorite so far... She's having to do all the work in this scene." [Over a scene featuring Firth and Lúcia Moniz]
  6. Curtis: "You could learn a lot from that look, Hugh."
    Grant: "I assume you've just cut it in from one of his other movies."
  7. "That was sick-making."
  8. Grant: "She [Montiz] looks so fantastic in this scene... poor Colin."
    Curtis: "'Poor Colin,' did you say? Acted off the screen?"
    Grant: "Well, just sort of outshone. But you can see him trying his little heart out. C'mon, Colin."
  9. "He [Director of Photography Michael Coulter] knew he had to shoot down on Colin to make him look thinner."
  10. Bill Nighy: "Lovely polo neck Colin's wearing."
    Grant: "Scrawny neck. Cover it up."

I watched Love Actually for the first time not too long ago, and I can't seem to stop watching it. Such a fun movie. The commentary track is especially good; it features the aforementioned Curtis, Grant, and Nighy, as well as twelve-year-old Thomas Sangster, whose presence during a scene of simulated sex leads to a great line from Curtis: "Is it odd to be in a film that you're not actually allowed, legally, to see?" Another fun aspect of the commentary is that Grant spends much of the time slagging on Colin Firth, to the great amusement of everyone, especially me.


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