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Ten random things: June 22

Ten endorheic lakes:

  1. Poopó Lake, Bolivia
  2. Lake Elton, Russia
  3. Zuni Salt Lake, New Mexico
  4. Baskunchak, Russia
  5. Lake Enriquillo, Haiti/Dominican Republic
  6. Lake Chad, Chad/Cameroon/Niger/Nigeria
  7. Great Salt Lake, Utah
  8. Devil's Lake, Wisconisn
  9. Lake Turkana, Kenya/Ethiopia
  10. Chott Ech Chergui, Algeria

An endorheic lake is a body of water with no outflow, either on the surface as rivers, or underground as diffusion through permeable material. You knew that already, I'm sure, but it was new to me.

Also: Poopó! Tee hee.


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