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Ten random things: June 25

Ten things mentioned in this Guardian article about the Glastonbury Festival that I had to look up:

  1. Ketamine (veterinary anesthetic used as a recreational drug)
  2. Alan Yentob (British television executive)
  3. Pete Doherty (English musician)
  4. Black's (UK sporting goods retailer)
  5. Cagoules (lightweight, short raincoats)
  6. Argos (UK catalogue retailer)
  7. The cast of Emmerdale (British soap opera)
  8. Phil Hogan (Guardian columnist, or possibly an Irish politician)
  9. Potakabin (trade name of a line of relocatable and modular buildings)
  10. Blag in (talk your way into a restricted area)

I'm still don't understand the Phil Hogan reference. Here's the context:

I bumped into a friend with kids and carried her daughter on my shoulders through half the Arctic Monkeys set, like I was Phil bloody Hogan or something.

I guess Phil Hogan is someone who is known for carrying children on his shoulders, but I'm utterly unable to ascertain how carrying a friend's daughter on one's shoulders makes one like either the columnist or the politican. Any thoughts?


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