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Ten random things: June 26

Ten Suggested Summer Reading Titles For Rising Seventh And Eighth Graders In Fairfax County Public Schools:

  1. Louise Borden. The Journey That Saved Curious George: The True Wartime Escape Of Margret And H. A. Rey.
  2. Sarah Weeks. So B. It.
  3. James Cross Giblin. Good Brother, Bad Brother: The Story Of Edwin Booth And John Wilkes Booth.
  4. Jeff Stone. The Five Ancestors Book 1: Tiger.
  5. Ellen Leroe. Disaster! Three Real-Life Stories Of Survival.
  6. Steve Schirripa and Charles Fleming. Nicky Deuce: Welcome To The Family.
  7. Pete Nelson. Left For Dead.
  8. Richard Peck. A Year Down Yonder.
  9. Don Wulffson. The Kid Who Invented The Trampoline.
  10. Marisa Montes. Something Wicked's In Those Woods.

The only of these I've read is A Year Down Yonder. I did not care for it.


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