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Thinking about Harry Potter

I was talking to employee PH last night about Keith Olbermann's theory about the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. If you don't have time to watch the video or read the transcript, here's the theory in a nutshell: Harry's scar is a Horcrux, and after destroying the other Horcrux and Voldemort's physical form, Harry decides he needs to kill himself to destroy Voldie once and for all. Enter Snape, who tells Harry that he can accomplish the same effect merely by sacrificing his magic. Which he does, and lives out the rest of his life as a Muggle.

It's not a bad theory. Remember, Harry has never really needed his magic to defeat or escape from Voldemort, so the idea of Harry giving up his magic altogether to defeat him once and for all is thematically consistent with the earlier books in the series. Unfortunately, I think it highly unlikely that Harry's scar is a Horcrux, so it all sort of falls apart.

But I think Olbermann is right about one thing: someone is going to end up losing his magic. It's just that I think it will be Voldemort. To my way of thinking, the key word in the prophecy is "vanquish." Sure, the prophecy says "either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives," but I don't think "die" necessarily has to be taken literally. So I think that Harry will vanquish Voldemort by stripping of his magic. That would not only vanquish him, it would also figuratively kill him. Lord Voldemort is a wizard, after all; without magic he's just Tom Riddle, a Muggle senior citizen. Thus, the prophecy is fulilled.

Or not. I'm cool with whatever happens.h

At one point during I conversation I fell silent in thought, then burst out laughing. "What's so funny," PH asked. I explained that I, like any good Harry Potter fan, was thinking about what would happen to Harry after the book ends, and that since the good Harry Potter fan in question was me, I was thinking...

She interrupted me. "Susan Bones."

Indeed! The way I see it, Ginny won't be able to cope with Harry having to live as a Muggle. Susan, of course, is much more reasonable and open-minded about such things.


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