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Ten random things: June 28

Ten truths universally acknowledged:

  1. that Everything Is Funnier With Monkeys. (
  2. that as soon as one part of your life starts looking up, another falls to pieces. (Helen Fielding via
  3. that a costume redesign is inevitably crappier than the original design, no matter how crappy the original costume. (
  4. that a philosopher in possession of a powerful critical reputation must be in want of a new scholarly exposition. (
  5. that a single gay man in possession of a good blog must be in want of a shag. (
  6. that all palm-fringed beaches look alike. (Washington Post via
  7. that when searching Myspace for your high school classmates, you will not find anyone you loved or hated, only people you vaguely remember. (
  8. that the short story is a genre in want of an audience. (
  9. that one can never, EVER have too many sketchpads. (
  10. that in a society like Ghana, civil servants are more likely to be economical with the truth than be open in their dealings with those who take political decisions at the various ministries. (

Guess what I'm reading.


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