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Ten random things: July 9

Ten civil townships:

  1. Stafford Township, Minn.
  2. Wayne Township, N.J.
  3. Doylestown Township, Penn.
  4. Oxford Township, Mich.
  5. Kayenta Township, Navajo Nation
  6. Oak Park Township, Ill.
  7. Colerain Township, Ohio
  8. Lawrence Township, Ind.
  9. Langley Township, B.C.
  10. Smithtown Township, N.Y.

A civil township is a form of municipal government. What a township does varies widely from state to state. In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, for example, townships are pretty important and perform a large number of municipal functions, whereas in Illinois -- the suburban Chicago parts of Illinois, at any rate, where almost everything is incorporated as a city or village -- they don't seem to do much of anything.


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